Lee Sewek, Director of Student Services

Wendy Zacuto is an early childhood guru who is well known in the field. She understands early childhood development inside and out, and is able to help young kids communicate when they don’t always have the words. She fosters opportunities for perspective taking and developmentally appropriate growth based on the individual needs of each child. Wendy believes in the authenticity of outdoor classrooms and play based learning. She works closely with educators to create a carefully planned out and continually changing print rich environment that spotlights children’s learning. Wendy has been a classroom teacher, and has held several administrative roles. She has a vast amount of experience finding research based materials for parents and teachers, and is also known for setting up educational nights that address hot topics such as the resiliency of students, and how we talk about race. Wendy is in invaluable resource to the academia community as she shares her knowledge and years of experience with the community.