H. John Walter, III, Head of School

Over the course of her three years with the School, Wendy worked diligently and productively in reenergizing the faculty’s commitment to education through her wealth of professional knowledge and experience, her appreciation for bringing in additional educational leaders, her strong interest in faculty professional development, and her commitment to assuring that the students always come … More H. John Walter, III, Head of School

Janiece Turnbull, PhD, Neurobehavior Services, Inc.

Mrs. Zacuto worked diligently to understand the needs of each individual student and to ensure that the classroom environment supported their learning and regulation. She displayed sensitivity, understanding, and curiosity in supporting her teachers’ work with the children, creating protocols to provide guiding principles and strategies. She always maintained a high degree of professionalism in her communication with me … More Janiece Turnbull, PhD, Neurobehavior Services, Inc.

Nancy Noe, parent

I went to Wendy absolutely sure I knew what I wanted in a private school for my son with some special needs.  Wendy opened my mind to many other options, and she knew the contact people at each place.  She had more than just schools in mind for me, she had ideas and goals for … More Nancy Noe, parent

Jeff Bissell, Head of School

Wendy has an encyclopedic knowledge of education, which has been formed through a combination of scholarship, practical experience and common sense…Wendy is driven by a single minded focus on whatever is in the best interest of kids—she never loses sight of this.

LeeAnn Kreischer, parent

We called Wendy for help finding a middle school for our daughter. She was mindful of our daughter’s specific needs as well as the needs of our entire family, emotionally and financially regarding this big decision. Wendy was clearly quite versed in the local schools that would be best for her, and after touring a few … More LeeAnn Kreischer, parent

Rachel Green, Faculty Advisor, UCLA Teacher Education Program

Wendy has vast experience in a wide range of educational settings. Her curriculum knowledge and passion for teaching are evident in everything she does. She has a unique understanding of administrative perspectives, yet always keeps the students first when decision making. Wendy is caring, creative, and not afraid to speak up for what’s best for … More Rachel Green, Faculty Advisor, UCLA Teacher Education Program