Labor Day, 2019

My Labor Day celebration today will be to stay in my home all day.  No picnics, no plans, other than digging into the pile of books and magazines that have piled up next to my bed. I am retired, and yet I work.  I work for love.  I watch my grandkids, and find time for … More Labor Day, 2019

“Until we are all free, we are none of us free. ” ― Emma Lazarus

Freedom is a funny thing.  It’s for us all…and it’s not free. Many of us work hard for our freedom in America.  Teachers do.  They step into classrooms every day and teach children to be civil to one another.  They help children be their best.  They encourage children to do the hard things, for they … More “Until we are all free, we are none of us free. ” ― Emma Lazarus

Guns. And Kids.

When my kids were little, I taught preschool and kindergarten.  I saw many kids from different backgrounds in my work.  This was over 40 years ago. The discussion of gun play in early childhood persists, as evident by Facebook teacher sites, and the controversy I discovered as an educator and parent has not changed, even … More Guns. And Kids.