Schooling Options

Finding a school for your child is an experience that is unique to every family. 
There is no best school!  Schools are best when they are chosen for specific reasons, for specific families, and specific children
Parents benefit from entering the process of choosing a school with an open mind.  A wide array of considerations go into choosing a school:
  • What  location is best suited to your family’s needs?
  • What is the culture of the school?  How does the culture match the culture of your family?
  • What is diversity like at the school?  How are students selected and how are the needs of students met?
  • Is there an organized student study team ready to help parents and teachers meet the needs of a range of students?
  • What is the school philosophy? How does the philosophy deal with intellectual freedom, social justice, discipline, the importance and opportunity for creativity?
  • What is the day care situation for parents who work outside of the home?


“Wendy was clearly quite versed in the local schools that would be best for her, and after touring a few she’d recommended, we were relieved of our anxiety for placing our daughter, and grateful to have called Wendy for her expertise.  She is a pro! ”  LeeAnn Kreischer, parent

Wendy opened my mind to many other options, and she knew the contact people at each place.  She had more than just schools in mind for me, she had ideas and goals for my son, which took him as a whole person into account. I followed the connections she set up for me and ended up finding a magical public school program in an amazing district.”   Nancy Noe, parent