I’ve lived in my condo in Playa del Rey for 20 years.  One day, as I stood on my porch, ready to begin my uphill/ downhill walk, I looked far in the distance and saw two turquoise towers poking out among the shades of white and grey and beige houses. At that moment  It struck me as odd that in Playa del Rey, a vibrant, energetic, and artistic community bordered by the Pacific Ocean, topped by blue skies and stunning sunsets, we residents would be so timid with paint color. 

Why is the current rage about “non-color”?  I guess if you live in a house you plan to sell right away or in a building with homeowners’ association rules, it makes sense to be afraid of anything that might make you stand out too much.  I’ll tell you that the day I came home from work to find that my home had been painted a bright shade of blue gray, I was overjoyed.  

I think we all need color.  Some can afford a gardener or take the time to cultivate flowers that are blooming in the Spring. I’ll give owners a pass with their white walls, standing as a backdrop to glorious nature.  

I’m a sucker for succulents in bloom.  

But I can tell you how my heart opens up to a house alive with color.  There are a few out there.  I thank those of you who brighten up my daily walks and our community. 

When I move to my next home it will have aqua-green walls, a bright blue porch, and white trim.  

If you have the time, I hope you check out the rainbow sprinkled through in our community, but you will have to walk a bit and look hard.  Some with neutral paint display beautiful architecture, for sure, and I’ll give another pass on that kind of beauty.   But I still think that we all can be lifted up by a little color.

And if you think this blog is a metaphor, you just might be right!  Who’s to say?

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