Things to do with Kids at Home

In the middle of this health crisis, many are faced with lots of time interacting with their children. As a career educator, mom of three, and grandmom/caretaker of two, I’d like to be as helpful as I can to those who are stranded with their children at home.

I’m impressed by the efforts of schools and schools districts that are sharing opportunities for school at home. Technology–TV and other electronic devices that also include online interaction with teachers–is coming through as a wonderful resource.

And like so many I have seen, some are taking the opportunity, to discover new ways to be. One friend of mine is hiking in nature. A city in Italy is opening its windows as its residents combing their voices in song.

I’d like to be able to help as much as I can from my home and I know that you all are founts of knowledge as well!!   Please join my facebook page: Things to do with kids at home to share ideas, encouragement, and mental health during this crisis.

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