If you don’t like the world the way it is…

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” If you don’t like the way the world is, you change it.  You have an obligation to change it.  You just do it one step at a time.”  Marian Wright Edelman

But how?

I awoke with a mighty feeling of responsibility about change,  about my power in the world…and then I got out of bed and felt overwhelmed.

I am grateful for all the good things in my life and I want to keep them fueled and present, and yet there is so much to do to bring this world into what I believe is balance and sanity.  Balance and sanity are good guides, I thought. Maybe I should start with balance and sanity.

It occurred to me that the only way I could create balance and sanity in my own life was by creating realistic goals.  What can I accomplish today that reflects my own values and priorities, including my own sanity and at the same time makes a difference?

One of my many blessings is that the children I brought into this world are so wise.  My daughter shared with me her metaphor for my dilemma:  a box.  She wakes up each morning and holds each idea for what she might accomplish in her metaphoric hand and asks,  “Does this fit in the box?”  If not, it has to wait.  I love it!

I imagine the box to be large enough for the important, but discerning enough to leave behind things that can be done later.  The box calls forth the voices in my head:  “You have to do this…”  “What do you want to do?” “You will be judged for what you do.”  “I really want to do this!”  ” This is important right now.”  Now comes the hard part:  which voices to listen to?

Once I have filled the box, I now set aside everything else.  I do not waste time making lists of things that need doing unless my list is short and doable.  Lists become voices.  If my values are leading me, the box fills easily.

As I shift into this new way of thinking, I realize that I can breathe as I tackle the task of changing the world, and that is a good thing.

(photo from ridiculousgreetingcards.wordpress.com)

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