Rage? Apathy? Action!

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Rage does not look good on anyone.  If we succumb to our rage, we become helpless and spineless.

I live in California, a state that irritates the skin of our “man” in Washington–so much so that he seeks to destroy what we create with a targeted vengeance. One sometimes wonders if he is oblivious to the dangers he is creating for our own species as well as those elements of life he uses for his wanton pleasures.

Each transgression, each abuse of our natural splendor and resources, tempts us to succumb.  Among other sad scenarios, I realize that our habits of  fuel consumption may eventually save or destroy our planet.  So I attempt to stand firm in my outrage.

And yet,  if we succumb to rage  we risk apathy or, worse,  we dissolve into hopelessness.  We lose our center and our resolve.

Harriet Tubman certainly could have taken the path from rage to apathy, succumbing to her fate as an enslaved person, or  she could certainly have stayed safe once she endured her  terrifying journey to free herself.  That courage alone is both heartbreaking and inspirational.

For some reasons unknown to me, Harriet Tubman is part of our history, thankfully, in a country in which history books often leave out authentic perspectives and important stories.  Tubman is one who stands out as someone whose bravery is a tremendous marker against the horrors of the past and a tribute to our possibilities.

She went back into the depths of depravity to save others–repeatedly.  She took her rage and transformed it into power.

The Harriet Tubmans among us are rare,  but they exist. They light the way for us as we strive not to  drown in an ocean of corruption, greed, lawlessness, and gaslighting.

I’m sure that even Harriet Tubman rested.  One has to rest to collect one’s sanity, health, strength, and purpose.  We all should rest.

And then we march on.




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