Not every story ends.

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I’m in love with  Julia Louie-Dryfus. Seinfeld ended… and then VEEP appeared! My not having HBO left me on the sidelines.

Fast forward to today, and I am faced with a conundrum: 6 seasons of catching up, and in addition I now get HBO.  Do I watch all the previous seasons or simply dive into season 7?  It does, in fact, seem as if the story of Selina Myer will never end.  Even a battle with cancer leaves Julia victorious.

Life is really like that.  We always seem to think that our current drama is the one that defines us.  We think that high school chemistry exam will prove our intelligence , or our choice of college will seal our future.

If I had to make a list of all of the things I thought would define my life, I’d be here a long time.  In spite of the finality of what seem like tragedies and what are in fact tragedies, we do, somehow, rise, like Selina Myers, into Season 7.

With one breath I shudder under the latest unbelievable action or look down the jaws of the latest reality, and then I step forward into the sunshine of a new day.  Thank God I can.  I am reminded that “This too shall pass, and our efforts matter. ”

Those precious and brave lives who have come before us, standing strong, remain as markers of the indomitable spirit we all possess. The list is long. Their legacy is palpable and will not be silenced.  Even death, I realize, does not provide finality.

We will rise.





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