Labor Day, 2019

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My Labor Day celebration today will be to stay in my home all day.  No picnics, no plans, other than digging into the pile of books and magazines that have piled up next to my bed.

I am retired, and yet I work.  I work for love.  I watch my grandkids, and find time for my kids and elderly parents. I do other things as the voice inside me calls.

So today, I rest.

And while I rest, I honor those whose efforts support mine.  I am particularly grateful for the fresh and life-sustaining food that come to my table.

As a young mother, I was so busy working two jobs: one at home and one that paid actual money.  As the financial demands increased, so did the responsibility I shouldered outside my home.  I was blessed to have a wonderful family and good jobs that supported us.

Food became yet one aspect of an amazingly complicated day, week, year…

So now, as I sit on my bed and type, soon to dig into my pile of reading material, I pause to give thanks to all of the people whose work lands in my weekly box of fresh vegetables that are brought to my front porch.  I give thanks to those whose efforts fill my grocery stores with life-sustaining fresh fruits and vegetables.  These are the kinds of things that fill my head and my heart.  I appreciate them daily as I build my vegetarian lifestyle.

I am grateful to be able to take the time to choose healthy foods for most of my meals, and that those foods are plentiful.

And of course, my heart is pulled to the horrific situation at our southern border.

My prayers, money, and discourse supports all who flee the confines of war, gang violence, poverty, and worse horrors, as they seek new lives among us free Americans.

Some of us welcome you with open arms.


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