T-shirt Power Blog #2

Another day, another attack on our children.  The heart can only hold so much and address so many unbelievable tactics–to what end?

Riffing off my friend Karen’s courage to try her hand at design for equality, I present my latest foray into t-shirts.

My first t-shirt obsession was when my children were babies.  I had so much to say in those days,  about how to grow healthy children, starting with  “Powered by Mama’s Milk.”  When my friend and artist, Vicki Fox, came aboard, we created, “If you love me, don’t feed me junk”  and added batik-dyed clothing to the messages we created.

As Vicki moved on to bigger and better things, Mary Cooksey stepped in and we created a catalogue business with our children and neighbors as models. The slogans were wholesome and our lives were focused on healthy foods and smokeless air.

Seeing our cover photo still fills me with joy, even as I bring out my fabric paints to create today’s designs.

The designs today are not meant for commerce, but for protest and inspiration.  My background sets me up to paint with confidence, but the message if the central issue.

It’s a small thing for me to do, and doesn’t take much skill, even though back in the day I studied silk screening with my partners.  Now, I go in a drawer, take out a cotton t-shirt and some fabric paint, and paint what comes to mind.

Thank you, Karen, Vicki, and Mary for the inspiration.

As I walk in this world, may my presence make a difference.




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