The Power of a T-shirt…

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Here she is again!  My friend, and incredibly inspiring person, Karen.  You have seen her before, working in Haiti as she supports a struggling school and residence for children.  Her current project is a musical called “19,” which celebrates the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution. If you are in DC, look for it.

Her heart is as big as the ocean we love to share together, and her message is simple:

Do what you can to keep this country a loving place for all.

Each morning I wake up and wonder how I can contribute to making this a safe and loving country again.  It’s simple really:  do that thing you can do.

Watching my friend unpack her clothes, my good fortune at having her as a house guest, I noticed the number of t-shirts among her things, and the messages they expressed:

“I only want to be happy,” (in French), “We should all care,” and others.  I asked her where she got so many great t-shirts, and she humbly said,  “I make them with fabric paint.”

As a young mother, I silk-screened t-shirts for mothers and babies:  “Powered by Mama’s Milk, ”  “Please don’t feed me junk,”  and other fun and helpful messages.  Silk-screening is not an easy project, especially with a 9-month old baby in a backpack.  But talking to Karen, i realized that the fabric paint way is so doable!

So…another inspiration from a woman who plowed her way through Haiti and led yoga on the steps of the Supreme Court!  Armed with a list of saying I would like to spread in the world, some fabric paint,  a pile of cheap T-shirts, and an iton (to set the paint) I am ready to create my new wardrobe.

What will you do to send a message of hope, love, and inspiration today?  It doesn’t have to be a big deal. really, although the big moments are important. too.  Just keep it moving in the right direction.  Share the vision.  And the hope.  Thanks.



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