When we are lost: Question our values and purpose.

IMG_E2104“The most important thing is to serve the values and ideas that help shape the [organization] . . . as a covenantal community. Leadership is a bold responsibility.” Thomas Sergiovanni

We are lost.   It’s time for us to ask :What does it mean to be a leader?  What is our covenant to our children, to future generations?   What is our national covenant to us as citizens and to humanity?

According to Thomas Sergiovanni, Robert  Greenleaf, and Peter Block, the  expression of leadership is service to others.

As school leaders we find ourselves in challenging waters.  Our government leadership presents conflicts to what we as those who work daily with children know to be true.  For example, our current policies clearly view the commerce and wealthy classes as their constituents, as parklands and wildlife become disposable in the path of land development for industry, to cite one among many atrocities.

In contrast our goals as educators are to create respectful citizens who honor the Earth and her gifts so that future generations have access to this beauty.  We educators are clear in our understanding of our responsibilities to children.  We wish to prepare us all for a role in creating a more peaceful, generous, and loving world.

It’s beyond me how anyone, much less any educator, can stand by right now.  What kind of world do we want?

It’s so easy to keep the view small.  Industry wants to perpetuate itself and those who have money want to keep it for themselves.  We need a large and open view of the “values and ideas” that have shaped our American dream.




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