IMG_4741“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. “–  Kate Chopin

I love the ocean.  The ocean pulls me in and pushes me up–and down.  It resists as I move through on my own power, both challenging us and emboldening me to stay.  I move, strengthening my muscles and stroke, slicing through the medium that covers most of our world.  I love my “me” in the context of its overwhelming presence.

As I rest, I work gently with the sea, bouncing up, jumping up to float above the wave.  I  rise despite the ocean’s power.  Through surrender to the lilt, I join with the water– in a pure moment of peace.

So it is with our lives right now.  We are in a challenging time.  Our daily life sustenance has always depended on our energies.  Painfully. we are aware that our actions and responses have impact on the lives of  so many others in addition to ourselves and our Earth.  No wonder we feel overwhelmed with the size of the tasks we face, looming large and encroaching on our equilibrium, wave after wave after wave after wave…

We do well to remember to jump…to rise above the wave just long enough to regain our peace, our strength, our resolve, and our refreshed willingness to join our common humanity.



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