What Makes You Happy…Do That!

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“…positive emotions… provide a swift antidote to physical stress and anxiety.”–Shawn Achor

Yes, things are tough right now for a million different reasons.  Family and work stresses can be taxing.  Money doesn’t go as far as it seemed to in the past.  Oh, and the White House….let’s not go there!

Every day we are faced with a barrage of events and emotions.  In his book, The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor shares research about…happiness.

What is happiness?  Is it our goal in life to be happy, one that we consistently fall short of?  Many of us are returning from trips and the new school year starts.  Vacations can provide a break from the stress and strain of daily routines and troubling news.  Successive days of relaxation lull us into a fantasy of sorts:  this is what life is to be!  Perhaps that is possible?

Achor tells us that our brains can only process a finite number of things at a time, and by using our power of choice, we can step into happiness whenever we need it.  The focus on happiness can chase away some of our doom and gloom.

Maybe make a list of things that make you happy, and do those things more as part of your life routine?    I have a friend that goes to music concerts on a yearly basis.  It’s a high priority for her and her husband.  I love taking long walks by the beach. Be sneaky….bring a beautiful plant to work, listen to your music, sing in the car, take a walk at lunch.

What is your happiness solution?



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