“Where is the Good? Follow that…”

good waterGood Morning!  My friend, Tanya, always starts her texts to me with these words.  It warms my heart each time.  It is a good thing she does, a small thing, but a good thing.

I’m collecting good things.  As I opened my Facebook page this morning, I saw a video  created by Selena Shannon for her university film class.  Selena chronicled a little boy, being raised both Jewish and Catholic.  In the film the 11-year-old describes his idea of religion.  He recounts that Biblical story of God, seeing so much hate among his people, wanting to destroy a town.  The little boy shares the story as a story of hope:  “We have way more than 10 good people.”

I think we sometimes forget about the good, with the plethora of horrifying stories in the news each day, stories that seem to be planted to weigh us down so that we are so overwhelmed that we can do nothing.

In the film, a religious leader, voice the opinion: “Whatever gives you meaning and purpose, follow that.”  It seems like a good statement, keeping open the idea that people  can be inspired by many things.  In my view religion is simply the vessel to which people find God, so I do not believe there is one true path.

My worry is that some humans are finding meaning and purpose in the service of hurting others.

I wonder why we are so confused about meaning and purpose? I think the little boy has it right:  we need to find the good.  The search for good should be our meaning and purpose; of that I am clear.

I know where to look for the good, but my view is often compromised by other things, things we must look at if we are going to change them.  As adults, it is our responsibility to be stewards for this world, and we need to see with clear eyes in order to shoulder that responsibility.  But this is a tall order!  So first, we strengthen our resolve and our souls, and then we reach out to do the things within our power to do.

We look for the good, for the kind, for the beauty, and fill ourselves with that, and then do what we are meant to do.


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