I married my best friend…happy 48th!

IMG_3783Sometimes you just get lucky.  I met this man when I was in high school.  I didn’t know it at the time, but he was to be a life-long partner and lover.  At first we clashed, and over the years we have worked through all kinds of our own personal challenges as part of the ebb and flow of being.

I’m happy to say that I could not have dreamed for a happier, more challenging, and fulfilling life.  We both found in one another a deep reverence for life, in both its joys and its wanting from us to be more of who we were, bringing together the best we could hope for.

I think he would agree with me that the most important goals for us were to make sure our kids were well loved and supported, that we supported one another, and …here is the thing:  life was bigger than just us.  Together we strove to make a difference in the world, in some small way.

I think we inherited this idea, of making a difference, each from our own families, different though they were.  My father was an immigrant who struggled both financially and emotionally with his lot in life.  My mother thought she married a man that would bring her great joy..and she was disappointed.  But together they conveyed to us children that what we did on this planet mattered.  Do your best and help others. My husband’s family was more removed from their generational immigrant status, and seemed to have adjusted more to middle class liberal American ideals.  He was raised with strong political action as a part of life.

I think what drew us together (in addition to great chemistry), was our love of children, both our own and the children of the world.  Even thought we were almost kids ourselves when we got married, we had already begun on our path to helping to create an impact on children’s lives through education.

I’m not saying it was an easy life.  Life is not always easy.  But it has been a joyful if challenging ride so far, and I imagine many more wonderful years together.  Pleasure comes in reflection of a job well done, in addition to the laughter, passion, caring, and memories.  So I thank you, God, and my wonderful husband for these many years together.  We make a great team!

3 thoughts on “I married my best friend…happy 48th!

  1. What a blessed gift it has been to be on this journey with both of you. Many more years together. I love you. Mikey


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