I’m just not comfortable with that.

I watched an interview with a woman who was running for local office in a midwestern state.  Her city, a small one, was mostly white.  When interviewed about having dark-skinned and immigrants as neighbors, she grimaced.  “I’m just not comfortable with that.” Racist?   Of course.  And not really surprising.  But I became transfixed on her … More I’m just not comfortable with that.

Who if not us?

We have to “connect the dots,” and when we are faced with a roadblock, healthy people pivot. I loved teaching preschool.  I was the teacher/director of a parent participation nursery school, a position that combined my loves of working with young children and serving as a guide for parents as they increased their skills as … More Who if not us?

Guns. And Kids.

When my kids were little, I taught preschool and kindergarten.  I saw many kids from different backgrounds in my work.  This was over 40 years ago. The discussion of gun play in early childhood persists, as evident by Facebook teacher sites, and the controversy I discovered as an educator and parent has not changed, even … More Guns. And Kids.

Read “The 1619 Project,” a history of enslaved people in the United States.

Zumbi dos Palmares fought for his people’s liberation from the Portuguese slave trade. I am a teacher.  I have worked as a preschool director, a principal, an assistant principal, a lower school principal, and a general studies principal, but first and foremost my career has called me to teach. One of the toughest things I … More Read “The 1619 Project,” a history of enslaved people in the United States.


“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. “–  Kate Chopin I love the ocean.  The ocean pulls me in and pushes me up–and down.  It resists as I move through on my own power, both challenging us and emboldening me to stay.  I move, strengthening my muscles and stroke, slicing through the medium … More Jump!

Perspective: Classrooms as enviroment…

I have spent over 40 years thinking about perspectives.  As an educator, it has been my responsibility to create environments for learning.  It’s not as easy as one might think.  A classroom must serve three, and often four constituencies:  children, teachers, and parents, and, sometimes, administrators. One year I was a guest music/movement teacher in … More Perspective: Classrooms as enviroment…