Bloom where you are planted…

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Our eyes met for the first time across a crowded room in La Jolla many years ago.  She was adding to her expertise as a yoga teacher, and I was hoping to get some relief from a painful pinched nerve as I struggled to add restorative yoga to my movement resources. Rolled our eyes,  we added to our knowledge of healing bodies.

“Karen is the silver sun…” is a line from James Taylor.  For me, she is an inspiration, her warmth and spirit of giving radiating throughout our world.  A retired drama teacher from a well-known school, she has spawned many actors and performers through her work.  Over the years I have met her students across this great country, all of whom still hold her in their hearts.

Out of many gifts, is the one I cherish the most:  she shows up. She is a rock in her family and among her friends.   She has brought her yoga to the steps of the Supreme Court in support of women’s rights.  When she became aware of a school in Haiti that needed help, she organized trips to bring supplies and begin the construction of a garden to feed the children.  She is a fixture, sign and  megaphone in hand, from here to Paris.  She just returned from a trip to aid immigrants at our border, playing with children, bringing supplies, and helping in whatever way she was needed.

I value her friendship,  and I value her demonstration of how our teaching becomes a path to illuminate the world, step by small step.

One thought on “Bloom where you are planted…

  1. Ah – Mia Sorella Kalena! She is all that and so much more. Bloom where you are planted is a most perfect quote for her. She has been dancing, being bold, brazen and out there for many years now. We met and knew we had known each other for many, many life times. And so it goes, from one incarnation to the next until you say, “fine, got it! Let’s play in Heaven now.” so we bring heaven to earth by bringing love to each moment.
    Dance on my loving and blithe Sister. You are truly Love in a silver haired Goddess. Namaste, Bits


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