Really Seeing Children: Best new book!!

Really Seeing children photoDeb Curtis does it again with an amazing extension of her large library of books for early childhood educators.  But this book is for everyone who cares about kids and learning.

That ethereal quality of a “good teacher,” the one who makes you stop to watch the relationship between her(him) and the children she(he) works with, is so hard to define.  We know it when we see it, and  Curtis distills the quality  brilliantly.

It’s not enough that she and Margie Carter developed the best set of guidelines for teaching: “A Thinking Lens for Reflective Teaching.”  In this new book Curtis provides  tangible examples of how we look at children determines everything about how and what we teach.  Although her topic is young toddlers, all teachers benefit from her amazing insights.

This new book is a clear and compelling exhibit for mindful teaching, teaching that unlocks intellectual development, respect for children, and so many good things I can’t name them all!  The book is published by Exchange Press.  .

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