Can you afford not to have a garden?

reggio garden 2

Growing up in Los Angeles, where the weather is great all year, one takes the natural abundance of fruit and vegetables for granted.  You might think that a garden is an extravagance, particularly if you are a school or if you lack a green thumb.

The reality is that as parents and educators we would be remiss not to do everything we can to instill a garden for every child in school.  The reasons are so many, they fill books!

For starters:

In this 21st century learning period, we know so much about the brain and learning.  We know that kids learn best through their bodies and sensory experiences.  We know that kids are eager to learn about their up-close world.  We know that STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) is an important curricular element, and we know that children eat healthfully when they are engaged in growing their own food. We know that California has just created a Blueprint for Environmental Literacy, available on the CDE website. The  Life Lab website ( provides materials and curriculum as well as on site training for integrating gardens with science curriculum.We know that parents are interested in all of the aforementioned, so if you are wanting to draw kids to your school, pick up a shovel!

Creating a school garden is not only a great stimulus for education and community, it’s also great fun!  If you feel inspired by this or feel the need to find a wonderful consultant to help you design a school or home garden, please let us know and we will help!



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