Hope for our country’s children…

Welcome to my website.

An experienced school consultant, mother, and grandmother, I find myself unable to function in “business as usual.”

Until we have new national leadership, this website is devoted to reflect my life’s work, helping to create a safe and loving environment for children, in a new way.

Our current national leadership contradicts many of the tenets of which educators view as qualities worth cultivating in children:  integrity, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, wisdom, curiosity, social-emotional maturity, generosity, compassion, helpfulness, spirituality, kindness, embracing differences, respect for humans and other living beings, care of our planet—just for starters.

This is not about politics;  it is a life raft out of a storm.   I don’t know why moths are drawn to a flame of destruction, but that is what many are seeking.  I hope to bring them into the safe space of human compassion.  I know there are people who want things to change.

In addition to sharing information about raising healthy and compassionate children,  I am a resource for learning.  Please feel free to contact me.

If you have a story to share about your experience in today’s horrifying political nightmare that can shed some insight into the phenomenon of fear, or about a heroic act that contributes to a more life-giving reality, please send me your words to post.

I know we can create the safe, loving, and compassionate world we all deserve if we each dig in and do “that thing”  that is ours to do.  I look forward to hearing from you.

With love,

Wendy Zacuto, Educational Consultant, Mother, and Grandmother.