Hope for our country’s children…

Welcome to my updated website.

An experienced school consultant, mother, and grandmother, I find myself unable to function in “business as usual.”

Until we have new national leadership, this website is devoted to reflect my  life’s work, helping to create a safe and loving environment for children, in a new way.

Our current national leadership contradicts many of the tenets of which educators view as qualities worth cultivating in children:  integrity, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, wisdom, curiosity, social emotional maturity, generosity, compassion, helpfulness, spirituality, kindness, embracing differences, respect for humans and other living beings, care of our planet—just for starters.

This is not about politics;  it is  a life raft out of a storm.   I don’t know why  moths are drawn to a flame of destruction, but that is what many are seeking.  I hope to bring them into the safe space of human compassion.  I know there are people who want things to change.

My website is now dedicated to spreading the tenets mentioned above in an attempt to counteract the damage done to our democratic system of government, people, animals, and the planet.  My goal is a lofty one:  to share a blog every day until our leadership changes. I invite you to help me if you know me personally.

If you have a story to share about your experience in today’s horrifying political nightmare that can shed some insight into the phenomenon of fear, or about a heroic act that contributes to a more life-giving reality, please send me your words to post.

I know we can do it if we each dig in and do “that thing”  that is ours to do.  I look forward to hearing from you.

With love,

Wendy Zacuto, Educational Consultant, Mother, and Grandmother.